Tuesday, April 13, 2010

88 Days!!

Over the weekend we met with some South African friends who are in the rental real estate market (they buy properties to rent out). They were able to give us a huge amount of help when it came to finding tenants, doing credit checks and police checks, etc. I have also sent an email off to a real estate company who specialize in getting tenants. They charge the equivalent of a month's rent to do this. Expensive!

Tomorrow I fly out to California for a week to see Virginia, then when I get back, hopefully, we will begin marketing the property. We want to rent it furnished as we then won't have find storage and we can charge a premium. Michael will spend the week that I am away, finishing off the painting and doing some cleaning of base boards, etc. I have found an old toothbrush that he is going to be doing some scrubbing with!!

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