Wednesday, January 06, 2010


If we want to sell the condo by the end of June, I have to get my A into gear and start getting rid of all the stuff. I even have tons of junk that belonged to my Dad and he passed away nearly a year ago. Maybe I should plaster pictures of the motor home all over the place to keep me focused. I have notified the director of my department that I am probably leaving at the end of June (my birthday month). They will have to find a replacement and then I will have to train that person to take over from me.

My stomach is in a permanent knot and I am finding that I am very anxious about this whole thing. What a big step to take, but we have to do it sometime and the sooner the better.

The big question we sell the condo or do we put a tenant in it. Another option is to sell it and buy a smaller, cheaper condo that is on a single level because my knees and ankles are not benefitting from the 3 flights at all.

Virginia, my American mother, is very excited for us and I think that she is very happy that I will be able to spend more time down with her. especially now in the winter of her life.  Of course, spending winter down in Southern California is no hardship at all. We will miss the kids and the grandkids though.  we will NOT miss the Canadian winters.

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