Sunday, January 10, 2010

The beginning!

Well, I have started this clearing process today. There is so much stuff that I look at and think, Will I ever need this? I have found little treasures that belonged to my Dad who passed away in February 2009, 6 months shy of  his 90th birthday. They will go into a box and be sent on to my brother somehow! There is a lovely tapestry that my mother made many years ago. I have asked my sister if she wants it. Somehow we will get that to her in Maryland.

How does one collect so much kitchen stuff?? What about the papers? What do you do with all the paperwork accumulated?

I have some woven rugs that we bought before we left South Africa. I love them, but as they are predominantly cream, will be no good for the RV.

Old electronics, cell phones etc. will have to be disposed of in a responsible manner.

Everything is so overwhelming. The sooner we can sell the condo, the sooner we can move into our little home on wheels.

Some friends of ours who live in Cambridge, to the West of Toronto have offered to store a few boxes of things in their large unfinished basement. That is a relief. My grandmother's Spode china ware cannot be sold. A few pieces of family silver. maybe that can go to my sister as well.

Anybody want a 30 year old Passap knitting machine?? I really was going to do some knitting when we came here 20 years ago. Who knew that sweaters are no good at temperatures below 6C

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  1. I gave away the knitting machine! Posted it on Kijiji and it was gone withing 30 minutes.