Monday, May 18, 2009

Coincidence and camping at Darlington

Unbelievable coincidence. There are over 300 sites at Darlington and late Friday a large trailer pulled in right next to us, with a Daddy, a Mommy and 2 teenage boys. The daddy comes over to ask if there is a water hookup, in a broad South African accent. When he heard us speak, he said "Is julle Afrikaans?" No, we are English South Africans. It turns out they are from Durban (Bluff and Montclair). I said we are from Yellowwood Park. Oh, do you know Vicky and Terry Cowan? they said. Yes, I said, they had 2 boys and one was in my son's class at pre-primary and junior school. It turned out that the mommy (Thea) was the niece  of Vicky and had been in Canada for 8 years. We had a good weekend spending time around the fire in the evenings, even though it was mighty cold. Fun weekend. If we had been on any other site in the campground, we would not have met Bobby and Thea Kruger and their two boys, Gus and Alex. We also discovered that we had the same family doctor!

All in all the weekend was a great success. We enjoyed the new motor home and all its mod cons. The slide out makes a huge difference with the space inside. The bedroom is very compact with the easiest way of getting in to the bed, crawling up from the bottom, but with the foam topper, it is very comfortable. We found a few more small problems with the MH and hopefully Owasco will fix them.

The weather was quite cold and we had forgotten the electric heater, so we had to use the gas furnace, but we were still toasty and warm. Can't wait for the next weekend away and we may just go down to New York next weekend to do some shopping at Camping World! Have wheels, will travel.

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