Friday, June 24, 2005

The Belleville Trip

I really enjoyed taking the train to Belleville. It was fast and relaxing. It took just over an hour one way and I sat reading and had a little doze as well. It was lovely to be going faster than the cars on the 401! I worked out that it was actually cheaper for me to go by train than to drive. Gas prices are so high that it would have cost me more than $25 each way.

The Graduation Ceremony was lovely and extremely well organized. There were 30 graduating students and a large percentage of them graduated as Ontario Scholars (80% or more). Marion was one of them.

It was lovely to see the Hogewonings again and the children are growing like weeds. Marion is a very beautiful , elegant young lady. She will be going to Trinity Western University in British Columbia in September to take Inter-cultural Religious studies and then followed by Medicine. She hopes to work in Africa with AIDS children.

Lydia is also growing up and is doing ballet. She looks very different from Marion, but is also a very beautiful young lady. Waldo, at 11, is getting taller. He was very happy to show me his autograph book and scrap book from a recent trip to Disney World and his last birthday party with a bunch of other little boys. He is presently over-shadowed by his sisters, but as he gets older and more mature will come into his own and will be a fine young man.

It was a most enjoyable break from my usual routine and has given me a yearning to go on a longer train ride!

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