Friday, May 20, 2005

We're off!

We leave this evening for a weekend in Uxbridge, Ontario. We will be camping on a 16 acre property, meeting with dear friends, Trixie and Russ, who have just returned from South Africa. We will be able to catch up all the latest news from that beautiful country and from Durban, where I lived for 25 years and where Michael was born. We will take this opportunity to sort out the inside of the trailer and declutter. If we have access to water we will wash the trailer down and clean the awning. Look out for some pictures next week!

I have also acquired Microsoft Front Page 2003, so will be updating the web page as soon as I learn how to use it! I find the online template that I have been using to be very frustrating as I can only do the page when I get into the local Second Cup Coffee shop. Second Cup now has wi-fi- access through Rogers Hotspot. It is free for the time being, but will soon be fee for service, and it is not cheap, so I must do what I can as fast as I can.

My first foray into selling on eBay did not go so well. I set the reserve price too high and I had the auction end on a weekday. When I relist, I will make sure the auction ends on the weekend. It is all a learning experience. It keeps the brain active and the grey cells alive!

Until next week........totsiens!

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