Monday, May 23, 2005

The Weekend in Fur and Feather Land

I love camping for free! The weekend was wonderful, spending time with good friends AND getting to spend a couple of nights of free camping. We ran a 15 amp line from the house for the hot water heater, lights and fridge. Dad slept in the house so we had the trailer to ourselves. There were 4 dogs, 4 cats, 2 kittens, a bunch of chickens, about 3 roosters (that sounded like about 10 early in the morning) and a rat that was in a cage in the basement. I did not go to see the rat. I was bitten by a rat back in Rhodesia(Zimbabwe) when I was a child and I do not like rats!!

The property is lovely. It is about 16 acres,long and narrow, going down to a small river. The owners are getting a couple of horses and a pony, so they are busy building a paddock near the path to the river. They had an ice rink in the winter, have a pool and a hot tub. Very nice.

We parked the trailer on the turning section of the driveway and it was ideal. I have posted a few pictures to show you where and how we spent the weekend. We did not get to wash the outside of the trailer or the awning, but the inside was sorted and cleaned. All the systems work just fine, except that the battery seems to be draining too quickly. Maybe Michael did some damage by hooking it up wrongly (see May 8th entry). He now has it back in the condo, recharging on the trickle charger.

Talking to Russ and Trixie about their trip was very interesting. They do not regret moving from there and say that the people who are suffering most are the people of our age who were on pension systems on the "Old System" . There are many senior citizens who have only fixed incomes and are really feeling the pinch with the high cost of living and the inflation rates of the past few years. I think that we made the right decision moving when we did. Of course there are millions of black South Africans who are absolutely destitute and the "New South Africa" has done nothing for them. HIV/AIDS continues to ravage the country with 44% of all hospital deaths are attributable to that terrible disease.

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