Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Something gels...

While Michael was at work today he spent a lot of time thinking. He has the kind of job where he can do that. He came home from work and revealed his "idea" to me.

Firstly, we have to be in Canada for at least 6 months of the year to maintain our residency in Ontario for health benefits. Presently, we live in a condo and our RV is stored at a local campground/motel. What he has come up with is that we sell the condo, taking our time to get the best price possible. Then we buy a property in the country, with a house on it. On the property we build something like an RV Chalet, with full hook-ups for the motor home, bathroom and laundry facilities inside the chalet. We purchase our motor home and put tenants in the house. We are then free to come and go as we please. The rent from the house is helping to pay for our travels. We have somewhere to live in the summer (in the motor home on our property), and the tenants to look after the property. Once we decide that we are done with RVing, we have the house ready waiting for us. I think it's a great idea and one that definitely needs some serious thought. Well done, Michael!!

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