Friday, May 06, 2005

It's the weekend!!

TGIF!! The weekend is here and I am off. I am a Registered Nurse at a large teaching hospital in Toronto and I work mostly night shift. I get every second weekend off, so they are very precious! The weather report is not wonderful, but at least it will be warm, which is something after the long, cold Canadian winter. We are opening the trailer this weekend and doing some cleaning and repairs. This will all happen on Saturday. Sunday is Mother's Day so the kids, Suzanne, Sandy and Greg, are coming out for lunch.

The main repair for the trailer will be replacing that city water valve. We won't make THAT mistake again! Michael will work on cleaning the outside, while I will get the inside organized. I can't wait for our first camping trip!

I have been looking for information on Halfway Lake Provincial Park, but there is really not much on the internet apart from the www. page. Marla, at work, will give me some info on what to do while we are there. it is a great place for wild blue berries and raspberries, so I am looking forward to that. YUM! I'll take the fixin's for blueberry muffins and pancakes...double yum!

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