Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Halfway Lake Provincial Park

I have booked to go to Halfway Lake from July 6th to 16th. Dad will be going to Maryland on July 5th. Halfway Lake sounds wonderful. Marla, from work, goes there every year and has recommended it. We are just going to stay put in 1 place for 10 whole days and de-stress!....Well, maybe we will go into Sudbury as we have never been there before. in 1999 we went up to Sault Ste Marie and took the train up to Agawa Canyon. It was fall and the trip was wonderful, seeing the colours in the Canyon This time we will see the area in it's summer clothes. I wonder if there will be bugs. Probably, there is a lot of water up there and we will have lots of mosquitoes and black flies, I am sure.

We will have to cancel the free trip to the Galvin Bay RV Resort in Buckhorn, or maybe reschedule for some other time. I do want to go there as it may be nice to have a place near home where we can go for some quick overnight campouts.

Summer is starting to take shape. A quick weekend trip to Darlington over the Canada day weekend, when we will take the opportunity to go to Cobourg for their annual Canada Day parade and festival. Then Dad goes off to Patricia's (my sister) for 3 weeks. A 10 day break for us, to Halfway Lake just North of Sudbury.

On August 15th, we all fly to San Diego for Virginia's (85th) and Dad's (86th)birthdays on August 20th. Virginia is part of the family, having met Mom, Dad and Patricia about 25 years ago on a cruise along the coast of Southern Africa. They became fast friends and she sponsored Patricia's move to the US in the 70's. We came to Canada because Patricia is living in the US (we could not get into the US). We were about to move to Australia, but didn't want to split the family between 3 continents, so came to Canada instead. After Mom passed away, Virginia became our "surrogate" mother and a firm fixture in the family. So we are all going there for a family reunion to celebrate what will probably be the last birthday that Virgina and Dad celebrate together. It seems just yesterday that we were celebrating Dad's 80th birthday and Virginia's 79th at Patricia's house in Keedysville.

That was quite an occasion. Patricia put 80 candles on the lovely chocolate cake with a cream cheese icing. The problem was that she used trick candles and when lit, we almost burned the house down as we could not put the candles out. The cake ended up as a chocolate with blue wax icing. Hilarious! One for the memory book.

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