Monday, May 09, 2005

Electrics fixed!

Thank goodness for the community. Someone suggested that Michael had connected the battery up incorrectly and he had. You'd think after 6 years of RVing in trailers that he would know how to do it! He had connected the wire with the RED tape on it to the POSITIVE on the battery when it was the ground wire. New fuses, correct connection and everything works! Poor man hardly slept last night. He was imagining having to take the trailer to the dealership without any brakes or lights.

We are planning to take the trailer up to Uxbridge to spend the May 24th weekend with friends. They are "babysitting" a house and pets for friends, and we'll park the trailer in the yard (16 acres) and be happy in our own little house! I'm like a tortoise, I like to have my house on my back, so that I can retreat into it when I feel like it.

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