Sunday, May 08, 2005

Electrical Problems!

Michael fixed the city water connection , fitted a new anode rod to the water heater, and then he set out to fill the water system and flush out the pink anti-freeze. That done, he then connected the battery and tried to check the electrical system. Pop! Pop! Pop! Three fuses blew on the converter board. Two 30 amp and one 7.5 amp. I immediately went onto the board and got help within 30 minutes. Amazing! Tomorrow we will go and see if we can get the electrical system to work after implementing a couple of fixes that have been suggested.

The RVing community on the internet is truly amazing. Watch this space to see if we have managed to fix the problem

The children came round for lunch and Suzanne has made me a lovely bag for work. I'll post a picture of it later this week. Suzanne and Sandy showed us the photos from their trip to Paris. What a lovely city. They had a ball, going to all the galleries and exhibitions.

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