Saturday, May 07, 2005

2004 Diesel Pusher for $145,000

This morning we went over to Owasco RV to buy a new anode rod for the hot water heater. When we got there, we found out that there was an Open House on. What a temptation! We looked at their motor homes , both A class and C class. Owasco are the agents for the Triple E Brand of motor home. They are built in Winkler Manitoba. There was a 2004 Diesel Motor Home. Brand new and they have reduced the price from about $190,000 to $145,000 because it is last year's model and want to get rid of it. WOW! Anyway, we still have a house to sell, so could not think about it. We know that when the time comes, the right vehicle will come along.

While we were there we started to talking to a couple who live in Canada in the summer and then go down to Florida for the winter. They have just bought a Holiday Rambler Savoy 5th wheel from Lazydays RV, and have it parked in a permanent site at a camp ground in Florida somewhere. They planted another seed in our buy an RV in the US and keep it down there for over-wintering. It is something to consider. If they read this (we gave them our web site address), please send us an email, we have some more questions to ask you.

Tomorrow is the day to do the repairs and flush the anti-freeze out of the system...stay posted!

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