Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Trailer preparation

The time has finally come for us to summerize the trailer. There is a bit of maintainence to do. When we closed it up and winterized it, we forgot to turn a tap on to decrease the pressure. When Michael pressed the little valve in the city water connection, the whole thing popped out. We tried to fix it, but, alas, had to buy a new part. That will be fitted this coming weekend. We also want to put a cargo door into the storage area under the closet in the bathroom and into the nightstand next to the queen bed. I doubt if I will be able to get Michael to do that so we will take the trailer to the dealership.

Of course the awning and the outside need to be washed. We store the trailer at a campground only about a mile from us, so it is very convenient. There is water, electricity and several dump stations. These days it is used mainly for storage of RVs.

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